Updating Premium Plugins (Slider and Visual Composer)

Please note that we include updates for our Premium Plugins (Revolution Slider, Visual Composer, Ultimate Visual Composer Addons, Layer Slider), however, this does not mean that you will receive an individual license for these Premium Sliders. Due to Envato’s licensing rules, we can only issue updates for these plugins when we issue a theme update. Please continue reading below for further information on the process of how these updates are given.

Premium Plugins Update Process
To get the latest version of the plugins, you can download the latest files: http://themeforest.net/downloads  After downloading "All Files & Documentation", unzip the file.  Inside the /plugins/ folder you will fine the latest versions of all our plugins.  You can then de-activate and delete the old plugins and then upload the new ones from the /plugins/ folder.   

Visual Composer Update:  If you plan on updating the Visual Composer plugin, make sure to de-activate the Qube+ Elements before updating.  If not, you will get a blank white page when removing the Visual Composer plugin.  After you have de-activated the Qube+ Elements plugin, you can then update your Visual Composer Plugin.  Once it's updated, re-activate your Qube+ Elements Plugin.

Updates are always free, you will never have to pay additional fees for updates.