EZIO WordPress Theme

Setting up the Portfolio

To set up the portfolio section, you must create a new page which you can do by navigating to Pages > Add New. You can give this page any title that you might find relevant which in this case will simply be called Portfolio. Before you will have a functional portfolio gallery, you must first add portfolio items.

Creating Portfolio Items

To create a new portfolio item, navigate to Dashboard > Portfolio > Add New. Each portfolio post requires a ‘Featured Image’ which is used throughout the theme to display as the main thumbnail for each portfolio post. For accurate display, the recommended width for the featured image has a minimum width of 800px so that it displays properly across all portfolio layout options. If you wish to create custom single portfolio pages, you can use Visual Composer. To enable this feature, mark the checkbox that says ‘Hide Post Content Elements ‘ shown in the top right of the Post Settings tab and then you will be able to add your content otherwise it will not be displayed on the frontend. The Post Settings tab is located below the single post editor.

Portfolio Categories

If you wish to categorise your portfolio items, you can assign portfolio categories. Assigning posts to categories will make the main portfolio section filterable by the user. You can create new portfolio categories directly from the portfolio item creation page.

Portfolio Layouts

To build a portfolio layout, you must use the QUBE+ Portfolio element provided in the Visual Composer page builder. There are several layouts available which you can use to style your portfolio. Each of these layouts also include options to control background overlays, colorpickers, font sizes and more.