EZIO WordPress Theme

Setting up the Blog

To set up the blog, you must create a new page which you can do by navigating to Pages > Add New. You can give this page a title of “blog” yet you do not have to include any content. Click “Publish”. Once you have created your new page, navigate to Settings > Reading and configure the “Front Page Displays” setting.

Choose the static page option and select the page that you have just created as your ‘Posts’ page. Your blog index is now created and can be viewed by visiting the page that was just published. In addition, you can use the QUBE+ Blog element and place it on any page. Even though the QUBE+ element has its own set of options, you can also control this by using the Customizer.

Blog Post Formats

The EZIO theme has built-in support for custom blog post formats which allows you to adjust the way a blog post is displayed on your blog.

- Standard
The Standard Blog Post Format is the classic blog post layout which displays an image and post excerpt.

- Image
The Image Blog Post Format is used when you simply want to post an image without any other post content except the date of publication.

- Gallery
Display multiple images in a small blog post slider with the use of the Gallery Post Format.

- Video
Display embedded videos from Youtube or Vimeo as a blog post.

- Audio
Share a self-hosted audio file with a built-in audio player.

- Aside
Asides are used for short and straight-to-the-point messages to your visitors.

- Quote
If you would like to post an interesting quote, simply add the quote in the Post Settings tab underneath the Post Editor whenever you wish to create a post.

- Link
If you have seen an interesting article or other web content that you would like to share, you can do so with the Link post format. The blog post will link to content you want to share. As with the Quote post format, you must add the URL in the Post Settings tab underneath the Post Editor.