Importing EZIO Demos

If you would like to easily set up a website with one of our pre-existing demos, you can use the QUBE+ Demo Import plugin. Please note that the imported demos will not include any of the images, video or audio files displayed on the demos due to copyright and are replaced by placeholder images and content.

It is critically important to enable all of the associated theme plugins in order to prevent any import errors. For example, if you are trying to import a shop demo with products, please ensure that the WooCommerce plugin has been installed and activated.

To use the demo import plugin, follow these simple steps:

1. Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Import Demo Data.

2. Select the demo of your choice and click on the checkboxes to import specific content (sliders, widgets, demo content and theme options).

3. Click on the Import button, please be patient and leave the import page open so that the content can be downloaded which can take up to 45 minutes in some cases depending on the size of the import and server settings. If you run into any demo import issues such as ‘Internal 500 Server Error’, please contact your webhost to increase server memory and other settings as noted below.

If your import does not complete, you will need to delete the menus under Navigation > Menu's. After that, you can import the demo content again. You can do this multiple times until you get the completed message and demo content.

Please note that both the main EZIO demo and Classic demo are quite large in content size and require a longer importing time.